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Finding a unique and memorable name for your business is challenging. With only 26 letters to work with, even made-up words are often taken!

OnCorp Direct is has created a sophisticated name availaibility tool that helps bring you closer to your dream business name with the Comprehensive Pre-Search. By searching similar words, synonyms, and word variations, OnCorp Direct makes it easier than ever to find a name you'll be happy with. Throw in the convenience of searching registries and subscription-only databases that the professionals use and you have a REALLY comprehensive search that doens't break the bank.

We are so confident that you'll find a name for your business with our Comprehensive Pre-Search that we will provide you with a follow-up search at no extra charge until you are satisfied when you mention this blog.

For more information, visit Comprehensive Pre-Search.

If you're planning to incorporate a corporation with a distinct name rather than a generic number name, all provinces require you to create a name reservation to not only protect your use of the name, but to also protect and identify others who have already incorporated with a distinct name.

There are many "search houses" that provide Name Search and Reservation services, including the NUANS Report. So why choose OnCorp for your name availability search and reservation needs?

Here's two reasons:

1. The NUANS database does not provide a complete coast-to-coast search, which is required in some cases. This means that you have to perform more than one search in more than one place. OnCorp is the only service provider that provides you with a complete online suite of industry-leading tools.

2. OnCorp has been providing name search, reservation, and analysis services for over 25 years. Experience is our greatest asset, and your greatest benefit.

For more information, visit Name Search Services.

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Healthcare Professionals
Health Profession Corporation Renewal

Since 2001, health professionals in Ontario have had the option to incorporate. Ontario's health regulatory colleges are responsible for the certification or licensing of professional corporations that fall under their jurisdiction.

An incorporated health professional must meet certain requirements each year so that they are granted their annual Certificate of Authorization (or equivalent certification process) and therefore legally practice in Ontario.

OnCorp Direct, a service provider under contact by Ontario's Ministry of Government Services, offers Ontario health professionals a fast and convenient way to obtain current dated Certificate of Status from the Ontario government's corporation registry, which is required by regulatory colleges for annual renewal.

By going to and clicking on Health Professional Corporation Renewal, health professionals have the option to purchase a 1, 3, or 5-year service that will, in seconds, provide them with a Certificate of Status for their professional corporation and also e-mail it to them. It will also prompt them to provide a date that suits their schedule in the following calendar year to receive an e-mail reminder to purchase and/or print out their next Certificate of Status.

This unique service is provided exclusively by OnCorp Direct. For more information, visit Health Professionals.
Services for The Legal Industry
Know Your Client (KYC)

Is your client missing their business registration or incorporation documents when coming to you for legal services?

OnCorp Direct offers the legal community and the general public a fast, accurate, and secure way to obtain proof of registration, required under the Law Society's By-Law 7.1* for client identification and verification requirements, also known as "Know Your Client".

In seconds and needing only a credit card, anyone can obtain proof of their registration from Ontario's public record that can also be used for muncipal license applications, opening bank accounts, and more.

For more information, visit KYC.

in Ontario. KYC requirements have been legislated by all of Canada's Law Societies.

In mere minutes, law firms can now fulfill their due diligence requirements for closing their corporate, commercial, and real estate deals in province or territory in Canada! OnCorp's Electronic Due Diligence ("EDD") tool makes it possible for lawyers and law clerks to perform multiple searches for one or more corporate or individual names and print out their certificates, search results and more in seconds in real-time while helping your firm's bottom line.

For a personal demonstration to see how your office can benefit from using OnCorp's revolutionary search and report tools, including our very popular EDD, visit Electronic Due Diligence.


Have you ever wanted to find out where in Canada or the USA a company was registered but hesitated because of the prohibitive cost of doing so?

OnCorp Direct's BizInfoTracker tool allows lawyers and law clerks to perform a nationwide, simultaneous search of all provinces or states without breaking the bank.

Once identifying the jurisdictions in which a name is registered, the option is also available to obtain a report from that jurisdiction outlining the registration details for a low fee. No more costly agents or time zone waits required! OnCorp provides direct online access to every corporate registry in Canada and the USA. How's THAT for convenience?

For more information, visit BizInfoTracker.

Ontario's Corporation Search is tool is not only the most user-friendly online, it's the ONLY one that saves you money!

Only OnCorp prevents you from completing a report order that will be substituted with a lesser report if your selected report type is not available. OnCorp not only prevents unwanted report orders, we also prevent frustration.

Personal Property Security Act

If your practice involves searching debtor or preparing registrations under Ontario's Personal Property Security Act, OnCorp Direct should be an integral part of your practice. As the industry leader for user-friendliness and an abundance of features, OnCorp's PPSA tools will help catapult your productivity, efficiency and accuracy.

For more information on our search and registration services, or to request a personal, no obligation online demonstration, visit

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