Canada’s First Law Search Engine
Have you ever been curious about exploring international laws and regulations? Have you noticed that a comprehensive tool for translating international regulations into English has been missing? Fortunately, a new Canadian startup has recently launched a search tool designed just for this purpose.

A Little Background

Global-Regulation Inc, a startup co-founded by Addison Cameron-Huff and Nachshon Goltz, offers a law search engine that currently enables users to search through more than 260,000 laws and regulations from the European Union, United States, Canada, China, Sri Lanka, Ireland, Germany, Japan, the Philippines, and other countries around the world. In addition, users can also search through relevant case studies to locate past precedents and find useful definitions for legal terms with whish they are unfamiliar.

According to their website, “Global-Regulation is the policy advisor of the future, providing an intuitive, friendly and sophisticated work and research virtual environment for regulators and academics.”

Goltz and Cameron-Huff’s company was born from mutual research conducted at York University’s Osgoode School of Law in Toronto. Goltz is an Israeli lawyer turned Ph.D. candidate in law and regulation at York University. Cameron-Huff is a Canadian tech lawyer and award-winning computer programmer with more than a decade of experience in software development. When questioned about the difference between their search engine and better-known options like Google, Goltz is quick to point out that, “Google does not cater to government regulators.”

Facilitating International Regulation

According to Cameron-Huff, “Our software automatically translates laws into English so our users can search the world’s laws. Automatic translation makes the world’s laws instantly accessible to researchers, regulators, lawyers and businesspeople. We are helping the people who write our laws by giving them the tools they know they need but no one is making.”

The founders’ mutual aim is to improve user’s understanding of the international regulatory landscape by making the world’s laws searchable. With this search tool at their disposal, regulators should be able to improve regulation and lawyers will improve their knowledge of specific regulatory applications.

In the coming months, Global-Regulation will be working to add 100,000 new laws to their database. They plan to offer more than 500,000 searchable laws by the end of 2016. Currently the database would exceed five million printed pages.

Early Users

While current users include several universities in the United States and two levels of the Canadian government, the service is also available for limited public-use. Initial users are granted eight free searches. As demand for such an engine grows, Global-Regulation continues to add more than 1000 regulations to their database daily. As a regulatory search tool, an engine like this has the potential to improve global communication and facilitate mutually beneficial international regulation. Don’t hesitate to check out the Global-Regulation search engine today!


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Posted by: DSR
Monday, November 2, 2015
Tag: Legal
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