Legal Tech Stepping its’ Game Up in Toronto
A new, first-rate class of tech entrepreneurs is taking the legal tech industry by storm in Toronto, and they’re being commonly referred to as the “James Bond” of tech founders. Recently, Dentons LLP, a major law firm in Toronto, hosted the Legal Innovating Pitchfest, a gathering of tech experts eager to pitch the latest and greatest innovations in legal technology.

For starters, the fact that a big law firm like Dentons is actively taking a leadership role in the Toronto legal tech startup community is quite exciting for anyone with a great pitch that simply is in need of financial backing. Here are a few of the innovative startups that are stepping their game up in Toronto:


This company has built a supercomputer with more knowledge than even the most experienced legal expert. This “digital legal expert,” nicknamed ROSS, will help attorneys power through legal research with ease. ROSS is powered by IBM’s Watson supercomputer and endeavors to be the first in a futuristic new generation of intelligent legal research and monitoring.


TitanFile is a company focused on facilitating secure file sharing straight from your desktop, mobile device, or tablet. They do this by organizing channels around people and relationships, rather than in a monstrous, time-consuming stack of folders. TitanFile ensures security by storing all sensitive information on encrypted servers that are stored in secure facilities. Their fundamental values revolve around creating steady security through simplicity.

Closing Folders

This startup dedicates their time to assisting corporate lawyers in the management of legal documents and the recording of signatures in legal transactions. By automating the repetitive work typically required when preparing for a closing in a corporate finance transaction, Closing Folders works to allow lawyers to focus on the task of the actual legal work. This company emphasizes that “the greatest competition comes not from another company but from the status quo – just doing things as they’ve always been done.”


The team behind this innovative startup offers document engineering solutions that leverage workflow, business rules, embedded applications, and rich content definition in order to streamline the creation, editing, and production of large and complex legal, technical, and proposal documents. They’ve worked hard to make sure that their intelligent solutions are applicable and practical for nearly every market on a global scale.


With the aim of engaging all stakeholders from work teams to customers, this startup team provides an adaptable and easy-to-use set of tools to facilitate engagement. By focusing on creating organizational growth and change, this company is committed to making the engagement process scalable and easy to lead.

For all these creative startups, the Pitchfest provided an amazing platform to receive feedback and support that will ultimately help them take their innovations to market on a larger scale. The overall quality of the startups that attended the Legal Innovations event is a superb indicator of the positive, game-changing direction that legal tech is heading in Toronto and, indeed, all across Canada.


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Posted by: DSR
Monday, February 2, 2015
Tag: Legal
Business Start Ups
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