Initiatives from Cossette and Klick Health Benefit Healthcare Startups
Both Cossette and Klick have been instrumental in bringing innovative ideas and strategies to fruition that benefit healthcare startups. These innovative companies are developing new ideas to bring value to the healthcare industry, most notably for healthcare startups.


Cossette is a communications and marketing agency, who only recently expanded into the tech startup scene with its Cossette Labs and is expanding into the healthcare startup segment with the newly formed Cossette Health. Cossette currently has incubators and clusters located in Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver under the name Cossette Lab. The company is also responsible for taking part in branding strategies used for the StartUpHere movement.

Cossette is taking advantage of how startups are relying more upon clusters and incubators to gain access to mentors and valuable resources in order to launch their businesses, especially in the healthcare industry.

Cossette plans on utilizing a three-prong approach to its current initiative strategies, which includes:
  1. The development of new startup clusters and incubators under the Cossette Health name in Toronto and Montreal.
  2. Access to an accelerated model startups can use to bring their innovative products and services to market sooner, with help from Cossette’s partners.
  3. A new communications practice being integrated at Cossette.
Cossette Health will specialize in offering Cossette services and solutions for the healthcare industry, while at the same time provide healthcare startups access to a wide range of resources. Dr. John Reeves is heading up the new venture and will be assisted by former Klick Health’s Joe Dee, who will serve as head of product and technology.

Klick Health

Klick Health is the world’s largest independent digital marketing agency, with a primary focus in healthcare. The company has been hosting its cluster Muse Events throughout Canada and North America since 2015 to bring together technology, science, art and creativity vendors, clients, partners, and guests under one location. Muse Events make it possible for people to gather together, share in conversation, and gain inspiration, while at the same time developing new collaborative partnerships.

Klick Health considers these events as a vital source to help startups establish relationships with mentors, vendors, clients, and other valuable resources they need to ensure the success of their new business. The events have been hugely successful and even former President Bill Clinton has been in attendance at a recent event as a keynote speaker.

Klick Health partners with some of the leading healthcare organizations to make these events possible. The firm’s objective is to build upon their existing partnerships, while helping startups have access to healthcare organizations and Klick Health’s digital solutions which engage, educate, and advance healthcare, as well as promoting the empowerment of patients and providing them with better access to, and the ability to manage their own healthcare.


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Posted by: DSR
Thursday, December 1, 2016
Tag: Healthcare
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