Startup Spotlight – Joule
Back at the end of April, the Canadian Medical Association (CMA) took a courageous step forward in established a new startup, Joule. Joule is an entrepreneurial company that was created to assist CMA members in shaping the future of Canadian healthcare.

According to CMA President, Dr. Cindy Forbes, “Joule is a critical new part of the CMA’s efforts to support our members by providing physicians with cutting-edge products, services and technology that help them be more efficient and effective.”

Currently, Joule is the only existing Canadian organization dedicated to driving physician-led innovation and delivering physician-based solutions. In order to do so, the company will work in conjunction with established CMA members to determine which products will make it easier to deliver quality healthcare services, as well as to test those products for their effectiveness.

“The physicians and physicians-in-training that comprise the CMA membership live and breathe innovation everyday,” said Forbes. “The CMA’s mission is to help physicians care for patients and we do that by working to improve access to high-quality healthcare on behalf of physicians and their patients.”

Founded in 1867, the CMA provides a collective voice for Canadian physicians. It is a volunteer professional organization that represents more than 83,000 physicians from 12 provincial and territorial medical associations and 60 national medical organizations. The organization’s visions is to “be the leader in engaging and serving physicians and be the national voice for the highest standards for health and healthcare.”

Joule’s Deliverables

In its effort to foster healthy development of inventive healthcare solutions, Joule provides both advisement and support to physician innovators by helping them identify potential avenues for project funding. Additionally, the company offers interested parties access to its annual grant program, which provides direct investments of $150,000 into physician-led innovations.

The Joule Innovation program also helps CMA members gain access to incubator labs that can help them test and develop potential new products. The Joule H2 events series is designed to connect physician innovators with other great minds in their field in order to share theories and innovations.

The Joule app gives users access to trusted clinical and leadership resources, as well as helping them understand how to qualify for innovation grants. Soon, Joule will be launching an online dialogue platform that will help peers connect and discuss new ideas and formative experiences.

At the present moment, Joule’s major focus remains on supporting and fostering what they call “made in Canada” healthcare innovation. That said, the company has plans to form global strategic alliances that will assist in the formation of partnerships and acquisitions of quality innovative products that help them improve healthcare service here in Canada.

These products include CMA’s flagship journal, and Canada’s leading general medical journal, CMAJ, as well as Physician Leadership Institute courses and clinical resources like DynaMed Plus, the next gen clinical resource that will reduce time to answer, RxTx Mobile and Clinical Key. “I am incredibly proud that Joule empowers members to be leaders in physician-led innovation towards physician-based solutions,” says Dr. Forbes.


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Posted by: DSR
Thursday, September 1, 2016
Tag: Healthcare
Business Start Ups
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