Toronto’s Impending ‘Bike-Borrowing’ Boom
No matter how much we might like zooming around in our fancy new cars, this luxury may have a limited shelf life. Until we are affordably producing reliable vehicles powered by a fuel source other than conventional oil, commuting to and from work in a gas-guzzling behemoth is an unsustainable proposition.

For now, however, it is a necessary evil for most working professionals that aren’t lucky enough to live right around the corner from their place of employment. For students, however, who tend to live much closer to their campus, bicycles are a much more feasible transportation alternative.

Staying Ahead of the ‘Boom’

Back in May, Joyride Technologies announced a new partnership with Start The Cycle. Joyride Technologies is a smart bike tracking and analytics company. Start The Cycle is a bike-sharing operator that offers students a means of borrowing a bike much like they borrow a book from their on-campus library.

As a result of their partnership, Start The Cycle will have the ability to fully quantify the success of their operations and, thusly, identify solutions to improve service to cyclists. Joyride’s technology will also act as an additional security feature for Start The Cycle’s fleet of rental bikes.

According to Shiloh Covey, Director of Start The Cycle, “The cycling culture is growing on campuses across Canada. Our campus Bike Libraries themselves have generated over 1,100 checkouts since their inception. Data collection through libraries helps us get a better understanding of student cycling needs and working with Joyride will be an invaluable partnership. Allowing us to improve our model and developing the ultimate student bike sharing system.”

Embedding Joyride’s sensors in their bikes will allow Start The Cycle to monitor the specific times of day when the majority of bikes are being checked out, as well as the most frequent routes taken by bicycle users. “We’re excited to help Start The Cycle collect valuable metrics to learn how students are using their bikes,” says Joyride Founder and CEO, Vince Cifani. “Measuring your impact is the key to building any sustainable program.”

About The Companies

A pair of graduate students from McMaster University founded Start The Cycle in 2014. What began as a small, on-campus bike exchange has now grown into the official bike share program at McMaster University and the exclusive bike exchange of Mohawk College. Start The Cycle is the first program of its kind to utilize existing infrastructure from college and university libraries to offer bike-sharing services. The mission is to promote “health and wellness, environmental sustainability and mobility within the student population.”

Joyride Technologies is a Hamilton/Toronto-based smart city technology company that was established in 2015. By leveraging public Wi-Fi access, Joyride’s patent-pending technology seeks to monitor, track, and protect valuable customer assets. With their focus set on building sustainable, citywide cycling programs and infrastructure, Joyride partners with bicycle fleet managers, city planners, and community cycling advocates.


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Posted by: DSR
Friday, July 1, 2016
Tag: Healthcare
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