The Launch of the Hacking Health Accelerator
In an effort to foster development, deployment, and investment in innovative healthcare technologies, MaRS Discovery District, Hacking Health, Real Ventures, and BDC Capital recently announced the launch of the Hacking Health Accelerator. The accelerator will focus on creating an increased number of healthcare startups on a national level, as well as ways in which healthcare innovations can transform the global healthcare industry.

In the coming year-and-a-half, the digital health accelerator will provide as much as $200,000 in capital to foster the growth of a dozen promising startups throughout Canada. In addition to funding, the accelerator will also provide intensive mentoring and access to clinical market trials that will help these startups move more rapidly towards commercialization. The program will also support an additional 40 entrepreneurs in the growing healthcare sector with rigorous training.

‘The Digital Transformation’

According to Luc Sirois, co-founder of Hacking Health and Managing Director of the Accelerator, the incorporation of digital technologies is just getting started in a number of key industries, including, healthcare, fitness, and wellness.

“When thinking of digital health,” says Sirois, “we are talking about all the mobile and web apps, about software and systems targets at healthcare professionals and their institutions, but also at patients and consumers who aspire to adopt a healthier lifestyle. We are only seeing the tip of the iceberg when it comes to possibilities in this area.”

The partnership between the Hacking Health Accelerator and the MaRS Discovery District is an important step towards a healthier national environment for early-stage startups. The leaders of Hacking Health will use the accelerator’s grassroots outreach, industry networks, and entrepreneurial expertise to extend the world-class resources, services, and toolkits to a greater number of interested startups nationwide.

Facilitating Connections and Combining Forces

While the accelerator already includes a unique collaboration between Hacking Health, BDC Capital, Real Ventures, and the MaRS Discovery District, the program will also bring in several key networks and angel investors, including Anges Québec, Cossette, Agile MV, Fasken Martineau, GCI Canada, and MMA Group.

Dianne Carmichael, Managing Director, Health Ventures, MaRS, is just one of the many involved that are excited about the potential partnerships this program will create. “MaRS brings together key stakeholders to drive development in strategic sectors,” says Carmichael. “This Accelerator demonstrates how joining forces can bolster the growth of a critical industry for Canadians. This creates new business opportunities and job growth, while improving healthcare for everyone.”

“Since its beginnings in 2012,” says Sirois, “Hacking Health aims to break down barriers to innovation in health by facilitating a greater collaboration between technology experts, clinicians and patients to develop creative digital solutions with use in the field. Creating the Hacking Health Accelerator was the obvious next step to give innovators the means to achieve their ambitions.”

A Bit About Hacking Health

The Hacking Health movement is dedicated to connecting healthcare professional and technology creators to encourage collaboration that can create realistic solutions to front-line healthcare issues. Companies involved in the program are committed to exploring innovative ways of facilitating meaningful interactions between innovative pioneers across a diverse number of health-related fields. Interested startups are encouraged to apply for the accelerator program on the Hacking Health website.


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Posted by: DSR
Tuesday, December 1, 2015
Tag: Healthcare
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