Patients Are Demanding More from Dentists
The dental care industry has become a rather competitive market over the past decade. Patients today demand a much higher quality of care both in the office and in the management of their patient accounts. Part of this change in customer service is largely due to changes in technology and the type of access to information people currently have at their fingertips from their mobile devices.

Based upon information from the CDA (Canadian Dental Association), over 300 new dental practices in Ontario are opened each year. For existing dental practices, this is a significant amount of competition. Dental practices must develop effective, yet efficient solutions to retain existing patients, attract new ones, and experience steady growth.

While offering evening and weekend appointments can be attractive for some people, they are not the only solution dentists should be exploring to keep a practice profitable and growing. The key to a successful practice is ensuring the use of the latest dental management software solutions.

Dentists need to be aware of these changes in order to ensure they are implementing changes within their practice to meet their patients’ needs. Dentists must find the best methods for balancing care and treatment, while at the same time maintaining efficient and profitable operations in order to remain competitive. Patients want the ability to make appointments on demand and be able to see their dentist without having to worry about booking an appointment weeks or even months in advance. They also want the options to perform certain tasks electronically online including:
  • Updating and Entering Patient Information
  • Accessing Their Billing Information
  • Paying Their Dental Bills
  • Scheduling Appointments
  • Setting Appointment Reminders
  • Submitting Dental Care Questions and Concerns
Beyond online functions, patients also desire changes when they visit their dentist’s office. They do not want to have to wait for an extended period of time after arriving at their scheduled appointment time. They want more interactions and time with their dentist and hygienist. Additionally, they want their dentist to also provide access to the latest treatments, care, and technologies available.

How to Modernize Your Dental Practice

One of the first steps to meeting the demands of your patients and modernizing your dental practice to remain competitive is updating your dental management software. If you are still using management software that is more than five or ten years old, chances are you are missing out on many new features your patients’ desire.

Modern dental management software incorporates online features and combines other in-office functions, such as scheduling, billing, accounting, reporting, and more into a single application. There is even the ability to use the same management software solution between multiple locations. This feature allows a dental practice with multiple offices to share data between locations and gives your patients the option to choose which office they visit.

In addition, access to modern dental management software is not limited to in-office networked computers. Rather, you can choose from a range of options to enable access from any type of device, like your smartphone or tablet. As a result, you can obtain reports, check scheduled appointments, and perform all the same functions just like you were sitting in your office and using the software. Further, you no longer have to worry about performing data backups of your software by running the management application over the Cloud through a qualified provider, who performs nightly backups as part of your service plan.

As patients continue to demand higher levels of customer service, dental practices need to be more accommodating today than in the past. If dentists to not respond to their patients’ needs, they run the risk of losing them to a competitor, who is offering everything the patients want. Start taking steps today to modernize your practice by demanding better management software solutions to give your patients higher levels of customer service and care.


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Posted by: DSR
Monday, October 3, 2016
Tag: Dental
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