Laser Dentistry The Wave of the Future
Trips to the dentist aren’t typically enjoyable. Not many of us look forward to cold, sharp objects prying around our gums and teeth, even for the purpose of a routine cleaning. When bigger issues arise, the thought of someone inserting needles or drills into your mouth is enough to make the best of us squirm in that waiting room armchair.

But in this age of rapid technological development, the era of ‘no-drill’ dentistry may not be all that far off. Laser technology, although expensive and still in its infancy, has the potential to significantly alter the typical experience of visiting the dentist’s office.

Collingwood Laser Dentistry

Dr. Irfaan Salyani, who opened Collingwood Laser Dentistry earlier this year, is the first dentist in the Georgian Triangle area to utilize a laser. The $150,000 piece of technology can be used for many purposes, including “power washing” cavities and root canals to eliminate potential for further infection. The technology also eliminates the need for needle-injected sedatives.

The laser, known as “The Light Walker,” is built by the Slovenian company Fotona and was originally developed by ex-Russian cosmonauts. The double wavelength it uses allows for use on teeth and soft tissue, and in comparison to traditional methods, results in less bleeding, quicker healing and a decrease in post-op pain.

When it comes to root canals, the laser is cleans decay to a degree that far exceeds that of traditional metal tools, and by doing so reduces the odds of post-op infections to virtually zero. After a laser procedure, the tooth is left in a naturally rough state that is more conducive to bonding of the filling material, as opposed to the smooth surface left behind by a rotating drill.

According to Dr. Salyani, “The restorations last a lot longer and preserve a lot more of the tooth structure. These procedures can save a lot of teeth that would otherwise need to be extracted.”

In addition to its uses for performing root canals and cleaning cavities, the laser can also be used to treat cold sores and cankers. It does so by correcting abnormalities of the tongue, throat, and facial muscles, a technique known as myofunctional therapy.

Giving Patients a Better View

One of the most unique opportunities provided by laser technology is the ability to give patients an in-depth look into the work that their dentist is doing so. In his office, for example, Dr. Salyani has installed several 60-inch TV screens in patient areas. These screens give patients an unprecedented viewpoint of the work being performed, and also allow them to view X-rays in a larger format.

As a 17-year veteran of the dental field, Dr. Salyani believes that his patients deserve this level of transparency and is proud to deliver his patients this kind of access into his dental procedures. “You have to stand by your work,” says Salyani.

A Personal Experience

Salyani trusts the efficacy of his laser technology because he has seen the benefits for his own family. He used the technology to remove a fold of skin inside the front of his eight-month-old daughter’s mouth that was restricting upper lip movement and affecting her ability to gather vital nutrients during breastfeeding.

Before the procedure she was crying frequently and couldn’t sleep through the night. After Dr. Salyani used the laser to remove the skin his daughter slept through the night for the first time and has since been able to breastfeed properly.

As a result of this experience, Dr. Salyani has come to disagree with the Canadian Dental Association’s recommendation that children first see a dentist at the age of two. “Kids should be first seen before the first tooth comes in,” Salyani says. He goes on to explain the importance of diagnosing early oral deficiencies that could be leading to pain and an inability to sleep.

Although the laser technology is a bit costly, Dr. Salyani’s dental services are available at the same base rates set by the Ontario Dental Association fee guide, and he is proud to offer this technology to his growing clientele. To learn more about his practice, and the possibilities of laser dentistry, visit today!


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Posted by: DSR
Monday, May 2, 2016
Tag: Dental
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