Brush-a-Mania Promotes Oral Health
Oral health is arguably one of the most important aspects of maintaining the health of your entire body. Because your mouth can be a breeding ground for different bacteria, neglecting oral health can lead to a myriad of larger health conditions throughout the body.

Fortunately, local rotary clubs, along with the team at ‘Brush-a-Mania’, have been making efforts to educate young children in the Toronto area about the importance of oral health, as well as proper techniques recommended to maintain a clean mouth.

The annual Brush-a-mania events promote oral health amongst the region’s elementary-age children. This year’s launch was held at J.R. Wilcox Elementary School on April 10th. The Toronto-Don Mills Rotary Club organized this year’s kick-off event, but the program has benefited from the support of many sponsors, including Colgate,, Tippet-Richardson, and Scarborough North Dental Group.

The ‘Brush-a-Mania’ Program

Brush-a-mania is a not-for-profit program that focuses on fostering oral health awareness in children from Junior Kindergarten through grade 6. The program was launched in 2001 and, to date, more than 400,000 students have participated in Brush-a-mania events nationwide.

Any school in Canada is eligible to host a Brush-a-mania event on their campus, and the proper supplies needed to implement the program successfully will be shipped directly to your preferred address shortly after March break. A template script is also provided, and you’ll simply need to schedule an appropriate date and time to make your own Brush-a-mania event happen.

An Expanding Part of Oral Health Month

While oral health education initiatives have been present in the Toronto area for a while, with the Rotary’s help, efforts are now expanding across the province rapidly. The renewed attention to the importance of oral health can be largely attested to the nation declaring April as ‘Oral Health Month’.

According to Dr. Raffy Choulijian, Brush-a-mania chair, “It’s very important that children learn about oral health care while they are young because it’s such an important component of their overall health.” Jennifer Boyd, president of the Toronto-Don Mills Rotary Club, Dr. Jerry Smith, president of the Ontario Dental Association, and Bas Balkissoon, Scarborough-Rouge River MPP, joined Dr. Choulijian as special guests at April’s kick-off event.

Making Dental Health Fun

The students at J.R. Wilcox Elementary participated in a Brush Off to demonstrate their tooth-brushing skills, and the program strives to work closely with elementary schools throughout the Greater Toronto area to design events that are both educational and entertaining.

The goal for this year’s series is to hold Brush-a-mania events at 100 different schools throughout the region and to have more than 30,000 students participating in these events. In an effort to attract additional interest in Brush-a-mania, schools and students are invited to participate in an online contest where the most dedicated students can win prizes, such as an Xbox or Android tablet, simply by maintaining regular brushing habits.


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Posted by: DSR
Monday, June 1, 2015
Tag: Dental
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