Accelerating Product Development in the Dental Industry
Recently, Proteocyte Diagnostics, Inc. announced that it would receive financial support and technological advisory services from the Government of Canada’s National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC-IRAP).

Proteocyte, a Canadian-based molecular diagnostics company has developed a novel diagnostics test called Straticyte. This test is designed to objectively and accurately detect precancerous oral lesions that have a high risk of becoming cancerous. The test effectively differentiates between precancerous oral lesions that have a high risk of becoming cancerous and those that pose a lower risk.

Cutting Cancer Off at the Pass

By identifying high-risk lesions earlier, the test will permit doctors and surgeons to design more effective and less traumatizing treatments. Currently, Straticyte is the first test of its’ kind and the only molecular diagnostic test for oral precancerous lesions that is capable of giving an accurate and objective prediction score. This has largely been evidenced through retrospective clinical studies.

Alarmingly, nearly 50 percent of people with head and neck cancer, including in the oral cavity or the pharynx, die within five years. The high mortality rate isn’t the only concern, however, as many patients may suffer from severe facial disfigurement, as well as speech and eating impairment as a result of surgical treatment. The main reason for this is the late stage in which most patients’ cancer is discovered. When patients are diagnosed at an advanced stage, treatment options become much less effective and surgical removal can be extensive and involve a significantly heightened level of risk.

Finding and targeting oral cancer before it actually happens will help clinicians save lives, drive down healthcare costs, and significantly improve quality of life for many patients. In addition, the identification of low risk precancerous lesions will reduce the amount of unnecessary surgeries and allow for more regular monitoring of patients’ conditions, which will give peace of mind to both patients and doctors alike.

Making Dreams Reality

The support of the NRC-IPAP will help Proteocyte accelerate the automation of their innovative test, as well as assist in the refinement of the prediction algorithm responsible for the test’s accuracy. Outcomes from additional research will also enable the company to handle larger test volumes from an expanding geographical market while also ensuring improved accuracy for oral pathologists and oral maxillofacial surgeons.

“We appreciate the support of NRC-IRAP,” said Dr. Mario Thomas, President of Proteocyte Diagnostics. “This allows us to add to our product development team and move the Straticyte test forward. Our innovative diagnostics test is that much closer to being available for patients.”

When it comes to head and neck cancer, early diagnosis is crucial to designing treatments that are more effective and less traumatizing for patients. By targeting precancerous lesions that carry a high risk factor, Proteocyte Diagnostics, and their revolutionary new test, Straticyte, will not only save lives, but they will also reduce healthcare costs and make life after head and neck cancer much richer and more enjoyable.


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Posted by: DSR
Monday, February 2, 2015
Tag: Dental
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