The BDC is Reserving Funds for Businesses Operated by Women
The Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) has launched a new initiative where the financial institution will be setting aside funds to be used for businesses operated by women. This announcement was recently made at the Canadian Women’s Entrepreneurship Conference in Toronto a few weeks ago.

At the conference, the Minister of Small Business and Tourism, Bardish Chagger made the announcement on behalf of the BDC. The BDC understands women are essential to the Canadian economy and continue to play a vital role in the development of new businesses, as well as the value they bring when placed into leadership positions at medium, large, and corporate operations.

The BDC has helped numerous businesses since its founding with a focus entirely on entrepreneurs. Their objective continues to focus on helping business owners lay the foundations for successful ventures, and provide a wide array of financial services and solutions for businesses at any stage of growth and development, from new startups to well-established operations.

The BDC has plans to set aside a total of $50 million for their new program. The bank intends to use $10 million as seed funds for various initiatives related to expanding support of women-ran businesses on a regional basis. The other $40 million will be rolled into a new programs that focuses on providing financial services and solutions for tech firms operated by women at various stages of business development, including new startups, growing existing operations, making new innovative discoveries, and creating new job opportunities.

Tech firms and tech startups are a vital part of the future of Canada. By encouraging women to take charge of their own tech startups, not only is it empowering women, but also helping to stimulate the Canadian economy and make Canada a world leader in various technologic fields and specific technologies. In addition, the new BDC initiative will help create new jobs, many within the middle-class job sector. In turn, the new jobs will also influence future economic growth.

In case you were unaware, the BDC is fully owned by the government and is a completely sustainable Crown corporation, which has continued to be profitable. The BDC was brought in to consult on and help develop an effective solution during the creation of the new women’s entrepreneurship program by the Minister.

The BDC wants to invest in the future of women and their businesses and be there as their operations grow and become successful. Furthermore, the financial institution wants to ensure it is the leading supporter of women entrepreneurs, not just here in Canada, but throughout the entire globe. In addition to this new financial initiative the BDC has long term plans to increase lending for women owned and ran businesses, by as much as $700 million.


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Posted by: DSR
Thursday, December 1, 2016
Tag: Business Start Ups
Business Start Ups
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