Toronto Intelligence Service Acquired by Microsoft
Datazen Software, a Toronto-based mobile business intelligence service launched three years ago, has recently been acquired by the Microsoft Corporation. While the terms of the deal were not disclosed, the move is expected to improve Microsoft’s ability to provide data insights to enterprise customers seeking to improve their business.

For the last three years, Datazen has been focused on providing enterprise organizations with BI software and data visualization services for devices using Windows, iOS, and Android operating systems.

The company’s main motivation was to create an application that users enjoyed and anticipated using as part of their daily routine. With the right balance between power and simplicity, Datazen has sought to provide a flawless user experience on a number of mobile devices.

The Importance of BI Software

The acquisition will add Datazen’s services as a strong complement to Microsoft’s cloud-based business analytics services, Power BI. BI software is designed to sort and analyze vast amounts of raw data, and then reproduce this data in the form of meaningful packages of information companies can utilize to their advantage.

With the advent of massive data streams, BI software is becoming increasingly vital for many companies. “The mobile business intelligence space is wide open right now,” says Datazen’s CEO, Miljan Braticevic, “We’re only getting started... I’m looking forward to seeing how much damage we can do in the marketplace in the coming years because the opportunity is huge and the timing is great.”

What the Merger Means

Datazen customers and partners will be relieved to hear that the current Datazen product stack – server, publisher, and all mobile clients – will still be available. Because Datazen is already positioned as a mobile BI solution for customers that need an “on-premise” answer, it will simply serve to complement the features of Microsoft’s Power BI.

According to Braticevic, Datazen’s operations will remain in Canada, and his staff will continue working diligently to develop and evolve their product. While Braticevic stresses that they have an exciting roadmap ahead, and they are poised to bring new features to the market in the near future, further details of the company’s integration with Microsoft will be released at a later date.

Regardless, it seems that Braticevic and his team have stumbled upon an excellent opportunity. As companies are demanding increasing amounts of data, the need for companies dedicated to dissecting and making sense of that data will continue to grow in accordance.

Canadian Software Companies Taking Advantage of Opportunity

Avi Goldfarb, marketing professor at the University of Toronto says about the advent of BI software, “The amount of data companies have to content with is increasingly enormous. A lot of big opportunities are in BI helping companies make sense of [that] data.”

Goldfarb went on to comment about the number of great Canadian software companies currently receiving recognition from bigger investors in the tech industry, “There’s lots of great Canadian software stories. Some of them are business intelligence and some of them are in other industries. We have lots of interesting companies starting up and it’s no surprise that bigger companies are interested.”


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Posted by: DSR
Friday, May 1, 2015
Tag: Business Start Ups
Business Start Ups
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