Young Generations Learning How to Code is the Future of the Canadian Economy
It’s hard to ignore the role that Canada’s young generations play as consumers of technology. While older generations might be annoyed by how frequently young people are glued to their phones or computers, young generations understand that technology is here to stay, and they’ve embraced its’ various uses.

With the young generations in Canada firmly cemented as consumers of technology, it’s increasingly important to educate the next group of young people that will be responsible for the creation of new, useful technologies. Thankfully, many young high school students are beginning to recognize the importance of their technological sufficiency.

BrainStation Academy

This increased recognition was apparent at a recent “Hack-that-Page” event hosted by BrainStation Academy. In fact, nearly 100 students gave up their half their weekend in order to learn how to write code. The event featured speakers from Shopify and Twitter, as well as opportunities to network and learn the tools to build their own web resume from scratch.

For Canada’s next generation, coding will be less of a passionate hobby and will become a necessity for the nation’s economy. BrainStation was born to address the tendency for young people to “read but not write” when it comes to understanding how to develop new technologies.

The company was founded in 2012 by a community of thinkers and builders that are committed to empowering and education the next generation of technological creators. BrainStation now offers part-time, weekend courses to teach high school students from the Greater Toronto area the basics of coding.

Coding: A Career Booster

When it comes to preparing the next generation of students for future success, coding is an important skill that can have a profound impact on your attractiveness in the eyes of a potential employer. For today’s young generations, digital literacy is instilled from a very early age, and this can actually put students “ahead of the curve” when it comes to chasing the careers they are passionate about.

The proliferation of Big Data continues to drive business decisions at many levels. While many companies are aware of this, some are unable to sort through all this data to learn how to make calculated, targeted organizational improvements. Teaching students to code early on will prepare them for understanding and analyzing Big Data in the future, which will create opportunities for them to leverage their value with future employers.

According to Google’s Executive Chairman, Eric Schmidt, “Knowledge workers are the ones getting the raises, getting the jobs. There are shortages worldwide in all of these fields, so the education system needs to change to produce them.”

Fostering Digital Literacy

For many of the students that attended the “Hack-that-Page” event, this was their first experience writing a single line of code. Most left feeling a sense of accomplishment and they left armed with a new skill that will help set them up for career success and give them the ability to create their own personal brand.

The most impressive result from the seminar, however, was the overwhelming enthusiasm with which students were eager to learn more. Regardless of your position as a student, parent, or educator, you must realize the importance of fostering digital literacy. If you’re interested in learning how to code, you can register here.


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Posted by: DSR
Monday, March 2, 2015
Tag: Business Start Ups
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