MasterCard Fosters Youth Entrepreneurial Success
Recently, credit giant MasterCard announced the launch of a program designed to foster the entrepreneurial spirit amongst Canada’s youth. This program was actually preceded by demands from young Canadians that have a desire to be successful entrepreneurs before the age of 30. These youth felt strongly that they lacked access to the mentors or support needed for them to become successful.

MasterCard launched “YES: Youth Entrepreneurial Success” with the aim of introducing the entrepreneurial way of thinking to youth that would otherwise lack resources or support to fully grasp what is possible for them.

Reports have shown that nearly two-thirds of youth between the ages of 18 and 29 in Canada expressed the desire to start their own business. Nearly half of the Canadian youth surveyed believed that entrepreneurship is a “young man’s game,” saying they believe it’s best to start a business before the age of 30.

MasterCard’s philanthropic commitment to Canadian youth will include strategic partnerships with signature programs including Next 36, Ryerson University, Ladies Learning Code, and the University of Waterloo. Here’s a little more information about each of these strategic partners:

Next 36

The “MasterCard Challenge” will create opportunities for young tech entrepreneurs to build businesses that aim to address real world issues. By partnering with Next 36, MasterCard, and the other partner programs, will be helping to fast track the development of Canada’s most talented young innovators.

Ryerson University

The university will contribute to the program by fostering opportunities for emerging women entrepreneurs at the school’s Digital Media Zone (DMZ). This will largely be accomplished by providing comprehensive support for young entrepreneurs through financial aid and a uniquely designed learning series. This series will strengthen participants’ entrepreneurial skills and accelerate the growth and marketability of any companies that students create.

Ladies Learning Code

This past year, 723 girls across Canada participated in the country’s first National Girls Learning Code Day. The participants were between the ages of eight and 13. The initiative provides free introductory coding workshops designed to promote digital literacy and inspire women across Canada to leverage technology to change the world.

University of Waterloo

The University of Waterloo is contributing to the MasterCard initiative by providing a free online computer-coding course for all Canadians. The course will help participants learn the basic of computer programming.

Sponsoring Global Financial Inclusion

The YES program is just one aspect of MasterCard’s worldwide focus on promoting financial inclusion through entrepreneurship. MasterCard has also established its’ own Center for Inclusive Growth, which provides strategic philanthropic investments with the goal of furthering sustainable and equitable economic growth and financial inclusion all around the world.

“If we want to empower future innovation with Canada,” says Sarah Prevette, chair on the YES Expert Panel, “we need to focus on enabling youth entrepreneurship.” Prevette went on to add, “We can do more as a society to foster early experiences and give opportunities for students to develop their creative confidence. I am thrilled that a multinational company like MasterCard has decided to dedicate their resources to helping those with ambition realize their potential.”


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Posted by: DSR
Thursday, January 1, 2015
Tag: Business Start Ups
Business Start Ups
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